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Progress Update on New Shop

We are just newly developing our property after moving to grow the biz and have done a lot of development over the 1 1/2 year we have been here.

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We are just newly developing our property after moving to grow the biz and have done a lot of development over the 2 years we have been here.

Seaview Location

We left our Seaview road property that had 15 year maturity in the garden, we started our garden fresh after removing years of waste land.

New Carrington Road Location

Carpark for Shop being done, this was a big project.
Retaining wall built and the start of a new garden at our Carrington Road Property.
After 1 year of growth.

Big Rock retaining wall.

New Projects

We also built new decks.

Building our new car park.

New Plants Arrived

The Future

Building new shade-houses, to expand our own growing of plants.

Finish the Jungle house a Tropical plant delight.

Complete Fishpond & water features.

Contine with and expand our subtropical food forest.

Display gardens.

We’ve created new display areas for both indoor and outdoor plants. New Display garden, ongoing.

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