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Larger Philodendron Pink Princess In-Store

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New Philodendron Pink Princess

We just had another shipment of Philodendron Pink Princess arrive. We had requested a bigger grade so our customers didn’t have to worry so much with it being so cold and often the babies struggle unless you are equipped with grow mats etc. While bigger is great, it also means they are more expensive. We are selling these for $120. We have been popping up a lot in articles recently in the local Live magazine and then Saturday morning in the Taranaki Daily newspaper. If you missed seeing it in the paper you can check out the article online at Thanks for all the kind messages and comments, we are so happy to be able to offer this to Taranaki.

Epic Pavers In-Store

Another exciting collaboration is that we now stock Epic Pavers. We recently had a few different areas of the nursery landscaped with the pavers to show different ways they can be used. You can also purchase them here from us as we have a range available on site. We are glad we have had the shortest day and look forward to the days getting longer as we move closer to summer. Keep warm and happy gardening.

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