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Interview with shop assistant Kyla

Table of Contents

How long have you been with us now?

One and a half years

Do you enjoy your weekend job?


What is it you enjoy most?

I love how peaceful and surrounded by plants it is, which makes the customers happy too. It’s an enjoyable, happy place to work.

Do you feel like your knowledge in plants has grown?

Yes, alot. I always notice plants now when I go places, whether they look healthy or are in the wrong position etc.

Do you have any plants at home?

Yes, lots of indoor plants, I haven’t counted them though.

Can you imagine your home without plants now?

No! It wouldn’t feel like home now.

What’s the most asked question you find with customers?

Mostly lighting and watering requirements or how fast a plant will grow.

What’s the most common feedback from customers?

People really love it! How amazing it is here, they love the great advice and alot say they would love to work here.

What’s your favourite plant?

Gosh I’d have to think about that! Maybe my Fiddle Leaf Fig and Watermelon Peperomia.

What do you most look forward to coming in each week?

I love to see what’s new in and what I need to add to my collection.

Thanks Kyla, we love having you here and look forward to you helping us hopefully for more years to come.

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